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Hjemme Med Dama Vol. 8

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Screenprint on canvas, 2012

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Oil on canvas  2010

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Hjemme med dama vol. 7

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Jan-Fredrik Bjerk | Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

October 3 – 5. 2014
Hours: Saturday and Sunday. 2 – 4 pm (14:00-16:00)

Opening: Friday, October 3. 6 – 8 pm (18:00-20:00)

LYNX is proud to present “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”, with new works by Jan-Fredrik Bjerk

“I got the idea when I walked past this building site. It was next door to GE Healthcare. Polystyrene, concrete and reinforcing bars all clashed together. I really liked that. Playful and constructive. Now I understand why the old pensioners like to stand looking at construction sites.” J-F.B, 2014

In his solo exhibition at LYNX, Jan-Fredrik Bjerk presents a site-specific central intervention with the pavilion room in the form of a circular depression in the floor, in addition to one of his latest oil paintings.

With “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and..”, Bjerk contemplates procrastination and the experience of being locked in sullen, repetitious acts, in wait of uncovering the right thing to do. As the central work of “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and..” alludes to the “loading” symbol or alternately, the Spinning Wheel of Death, it also hints at the repetitiveness of the world of contemporary art, if not everywhere else. Affiliation and being part of a scene might be a stronger urge than any other, making artists produce works in line with what others are doing instead of breaking new ground.

His oil paintings have a gentle, almost suave expression, and at the same time there is something slightly uncanny about them. Bjerk’s rough brushstrokes and subtle, but skillful use of colours reveal an artist unquestionably soaked in the abstract tradition, yet his intangible, semi-figurative style is also reminiscent of Martin Kippenberger’s ambiguity towards technique and subject.

It doesn’t take too long to sense the quiet restlessness that pervades through “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and..”, though underneath that lies a swirling current of youthful nerve and perception necessary for breaking out of what is set.
(Michael Hare, 2014)

Jan-Fredrik Bjerk: (b. 1984). Lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He has a BA in fine art from Kingston University and had residency at Citè des Arts in Paris. Bjerk mainly works with painting and sound projects.

Contact info: LYNX / Josefine Lyche,
The pavilion at “Utsikten” in Frognerparken by Frogner Plass, Oslo, Norway.
E-mail: | Cell: +47 40074488

LYNX is supported by Kulturrådet/Art Counsil Norway and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

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Graze lot

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Øyanatt Lot Lot

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Warmup gig Wednesday the 6th at Ingensteds Oslo

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Ingenting er som å flyte utover svaberget, eller sveve på en solseng til en lang og variert mixtape.

Har testet ut utallige varianter de siste årenene og har alltid kommet tilbake til disse tre.

For å snevre inn på utvalget har jeg satt “Oslobaserte folk” som paraply denne gangen. Mye Oslo dj fokus, men shit au. Kanskje jeg savner Radio Turkish? Har jeg gått lei av å være New Age dj? åhhneidu. Halo

Men Nå!

Behagelige reiser i ulike sjangere som får alle sosiale samvær til å gå som en lek. Og ikke bare en dans på roser.

Alt til sin tid, så det er ingen som er bedre enn den andre her. Det handler om timing, tilbøyelighet og “let yourself go”.

Nr. 1

Erik Fra Bergen: Adult Communication & 45′s


Nr. 2

Dj Al-Dajani: Sommermixtape Solfaktor Sex


Nr. 3

Ost & Kjeks: Cheesie’s Beach Mix


+ 1 nydelig bobler

Anders Wasserfall: Summermix 2010


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Jan Mayens Topp 3 Sommermixtapes!

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Jan Mayen mixtape for Natt&Dag

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